Pictures at exhibitions (August 2019)

During visits to museums and galleries in and around Stockholm in August 2019 we admired lots of fascinating sculptures and photographs. The vast collection of things from all over the planet on display at the Ethnographic Museum was particularly impressive. At Fotografiska we were lucky that our visit coincided with no less than five exhibitions, including a panorama of digitally generated, constantly moving images showing the historical changes in Stockholm’s buildings and landscapes. The following is a small selection of what we saw.

IMG_3745A sculpture in the park at Roddarhuset café in Vaxholm overlooking the archipelago

IMG_3773Some masks and a figure of a ploughman on display at the Ethnographic Museum

IMG_3775Brazilian police photographed confronting indigenous people claiming their land

IMG_3789Long live the motherland, a photo by Chen Man at the restaurant in Fotografiska

IMG_3787French actress and model Laeticia Casta, by Vincent Peters in the series Light Within

IMG_3791Pink in the Arabian desert, by Scarlett Hooft Graafland in the series Vanishing Traces

IMG_3788Bowler hats and candyfloss in the Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia), in the series Vanishing Traces

IMG_3792Plastic waste (toys) floating near Hong Kong, by Mandy Barker in the Sea of Artifacts

Perhaps looking at pictures of people and places has become the best way to travel – in the mind – instead of booking flights or getting behind the wheel. Reading reviews of many popular attractions and interesting sites around the world suggests that they are so congested by mass tourism that they have become un-attractive and often more or less inaccessible unless you’re very keen on queues. But even though plastic waste is destroying life in the oceans and greenhouse gas emissions are steadily pushing the atmosphere towards the hothouse threshold, it is very hard to turn our backs on the tantalising goods and services provided by 21st Century capitalism, as mobile citizens of one of the wealthy regions of our little planet…

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