Bourgogne in early spring (2015)

In my youth I spent several holidays staying with an old friend of the family in a village near Cluny in the Bourgogne region of France. From Geneva the Sâone valley and the rolling hills west of Mâcon are only a couple of hours by car (caravan…). So we took off for a short trip in the early spring and had an enjoyable time looking at vineyards and castles, walking through some towns and villages and stopping for good meals at rural restaurants. As the tour guides would say: recommended!

Saint Martin restaurant in Chapaize with spring blue sky


Inside the early 11th Century chapel in Chapaize


Berze-le-Châtel, with 13 towers built between the 11th and 14th Centuries


Charollais cattle on the move


Solutré church, dating from the 10th Century


Outside la Courtille de Solutré resto in spring sunshine


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